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International projects

We are happy to present you some international projects. Within expirienced and specialised teams we have the pleasure to cooperate and to accompany the engeneering process in the following projects:

Austria, Koglhof

waste water treatment plant WWTP, 10,000 COD/d; paper mill strengthening, first phase of construction: aerobic WWTP, approval and basic engineering

Invest about 300 th €

Hungary, Dunaujvaros

Aerarion basin with foam spinner aeriation

waste water treatment plant WWTP, 73,000 COD/d ; engineering in existing context, paper mill enlargement; anaerobic and aerobic WWTP, sludge treatment; approval and basic engineering

Invest about 3.0 bil. €

Qatar, Al Khor Developement

site developement of approx. 7.3 km² with: hotels, appartment blocks, town houses, health clinic, schools, shops, marina, parks and green area. Engineering for the infrastucture of this area: WWTP 50,000 PE, WW discharge, stormwater, irrigation and fresh water management. Visibility study.

Invest about 100 bil. €

Hungary, Csepel

Activatet sludge tank

waste water treatment plant WWTP, 22,000 COD/d, paper mill, anerobic and aerobic WWTP, engineering for improved efficiency; basic and constuction engineering

Bulgaria, Staga Zagora

waste water treatment plant WWTP, 230,000 PE, municipal waste water, engineering in existing context; construction engineering

Invest about 19 bil. €

Serbia, Subotica

waste water treatment plant WWTP, 200,000 PE, municipal waste water, sludge treatment, underground piping, electical and machine engineering in existing context.

Invest about 22 bil. €

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